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16 avenue du Général Leclerc 72000 LE MANS - FRANCE


To Discover

Discover Le Mans-

Le Mans, it’s not all about French rillettes!

Indeed, Le Mans benefits an authentic cultural richness and can rely on an exceptional heritage.

Let you go down the streets of the old town also called « La cité Plantagenêt » where you may find

both lovely houses typically built and many museums. Whether you are with professional contact or

family, enjoy and have a walk in the streets of that certainly charming town.

La cité Plantagenêt

Through the Cité Plantagenêt, discover the medieval history of Le Mans. Visit monuments inside and have a walk through a typical street of the old town, with its picturesque cobblestones and its wood-framed houses.

24 heures du Mans

Discover the museum of the legendary circuit of Le Mans and learn with your friends or your family the history of motorcar and that of the famous 24-hours race of Le Mans.